ThE RoyaL RideRz (RRz)




Bikes... define a cause. The cause which can be anything from commuting to sheer passion. Whatever it be, riding a motorcycle takes you to a different high. Feeling the wind on your face, the sense of freedom, hearing the footpegs scraping the road... biking always leaves you craving for more. The more you ride, the more you want to do it far as to do a stunt u need to let your fear rule U .. than challenge it . face it and just do it thinking either u are doing it or just die trying

"RoyL Rydrz" is a team of young bikers. our history is small and sweet we started with a group of 7 people having the sense of daredevils from days of riding cycles we did every possible stunt and adventure.soon growing up we got our hands on beasts. And started taming them and doing till now.More people join in and currently we have 25 official members having the tag of RRz. 

We do all our stunts not on roads we gave 1 week to search a gud cemented place to do stunting freely and risking only our life not others.We hate aajtak for criticizing stunting and showing it as a crime but at the same time we hate those stunters who do it on streets to showoff others or giving a high problem to traffic.Do it or die trying!!

We have no official sponsors and we are not a big clan .. but what we have and what we do are big things!!


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